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After three years of trying to repair businesses that proved to be unfixable, Nokia Corp. NOK1V.HE +33.94% Chief Executive Stephen Elop is back at Microsoft Corp. MSFT -4.55% to help shape the legacy of the software giant's longtime boss, and potentially take his job。

三年來試圖修復最終證明是無藥可救的業務之后,諾基亞(Nokia Corp。)首席執行長(CEO)埃洛普(Stephen Elop)又回到了微軟(Microsoft Corp。),幫助塑造這家軟件巨頭長期掌門人的留下的“遺產”,并有可能取而代之。

Nokia on Tuesday announced the $7 billion sale of an ailing handset business to Microsoft, ending several months of discussions between Mr. Elop and Microsoft Chief Executive Steve Ballmer. The negotiations were the subject of dozens of boardroom deliberations on both sides of the Atlantic。

諾基亞周二宣布以70億美元的價格將境況不佳的手機業務出售給微軟,結束了埃洛普和微軟CEO鮑爾默(Steve Ballmer)之間歷時數月的談判。地處大西洋兩岸的這兩家公司的董事會都為這些談判召開了數十次的會議。

搜狐彩票投注Nokia shareholders and many in Finland applauded the move. Nokia shares jumped 34% to 3.97 euros ($5.24) in Helsinki trading Tuesday amid sentiment that the deal is the best solution for a mobile-device operation that already relied heavily on Microsoft Windows technology。


搜狐彩票投注It is a stark reversal to the chilly reception Mr. Elop has recently weathered in Helsinki, where some had taken to calling him 'Stephen Eflop.'

這與埃洛普近來在赫爾辛基遭到的冷遇形成了鮮明對比,赫爾辛基的一些人已經開始叫他“埃笨伯”(Stephen Eflop)。

搜狐彩票投注Having left Microsoft after running the company's profitable business division, Mr. Elop returns a bit of a hero. He was the only executive in the global handset business to exclusively use the Microsoft mobile platform and Nokia now sells nearly every Windows phone that is sold world-wide。


The table is set for the 49-year-old executive to help Mr. Ballmer pull off an ambitious plan and, in the process, win respect in Microsoft's board room as its directors search for a new CEO。


In an interview Tuesday, Mr. Ballmer said the public shouldn't read too much into what the deal means for Mr. Elop's future, but acknowledged his longtime associate has gone from being an external candidate to an internal candidate。


The immediate goal is to work hand-in-hand with engineers and marketing staff at Microsoft to put the pieces in place to truly compete with rivals. The executives are eager to develop a legitimate third ecosystem capable of taking on players like Samsung Electronics Co., 005930.SE -1.04% Apple Inc., and Google Inc., GOOG +1.59% which are miles ahead thanks to iOS and Android。

兩家達成交易后的近期目標是與微軟的工程師和營銷人員通力合作,利用現有資源真正與對手展開競爭。管理層渴望開發合理的第三種生態系統,能夠挑戰三星電子(Samsung Electronics Co。)、蘋果(Apple Inc。)和谷歌(Google Inc。)等廠商,這些廠商憑借蘋果iOS和谷歌安卓(Android)操作系統遙遙領先。

If he fails, Mr. Ballmer's legacy will be dented. The Microsoft chief has been criticized for not keeping up in a fast-moving industry. People involved in the Nokia deal say the play for a struggling handset business is one last effort to prove his mettle。


搜狐彩票投注In choosing Mr. Elop to lead the integration of the new business, Mr. Ballmer taps a respected ally. During the interview, Mr. Ballmer said he values Mr. Elop as a partner. The Canadian-born executive was one of the few people he called before announcing his coming retirement。


搜狐彩票投注Mr. Ballmer also picked an executive who hasn't strayed far from home。


Since joining Nokia in 2010, Mr. Elop has taken commercial flights between Helsinki and Seattle. He essentially lived out of a suitcase to balance the demands of turning around a crumbling business and raising teenage daughters whom he didn't want to uproot。


Mr. Elop isn't a stranger to tough decisions. He made waves almost immediately after starting at Nokia. He set to work on a plan that would lead to tens of thousands of job cuts and a downsizing of Nokia's treasured research and development department. He sold key assets, including the seaside headquarters near Helsinki and closed the last remaining handset factory in Finland。


搜狐彩票投注He also changed the focus. Earlier this year, after an extensive rebuild of the Nokia Siemens Networks wireless division, Mr. Elop paid about $2.2 billion to buy out Siemens AG. Nokia now looks a lot like Sweden's Ericsson, which exited handset manufacturing a couple of years ago and is now making big profits selling infrastructure。

搜狐彩票投注此外,埃洛普還改變了諾基亞的關注焦點。今年早些時候,在諾基亞西門子通信公司(Nokia Siemens Networks)無線業務經歷了一番重建后,埃洛普支付了約22億美元收購西門子公司(Siemens AG)在該合資公司中的股份。諾基亞現在看上去與瑞典的愛立信(Ericsson)十分相似,后者在幾年前退出了手機生產業務,目前正通過出售基礎設施賺取巨額利潤。

The results of the handset strategy have been less than stellar。


搜狐彩票投注Nokia's cash burn and losses have narrowed, but it only controls about 3% of the global smartphone market and 14% of a total handset market. While many analysts have blamed Nokia's demise on a weak Microsoft operating system, criticism can be aimed at Nokia executives who underestimated rivals。


搜狐彩票投注In recent months, it became increasingly clear the Windows phone strategy was running into a roadblock. No matter how good Nokia's new Lumia smartphones were, other players in the industry-particularly Samsung Electronics-had deeper pockets that allowed them to pour far more money into marketing and discounting smartphones than Mr. Elop has initially calculated。


搜狐彩票投注Samsung's market share, fueled by the popularity of both the Galaxy handset and the Google Inc. Android operating system it runs, has skyrocketed as Nokia's share plummeted, with the Korean company overtaking Nokia at No. 1 in 2012.


Mr. Elop has done his best to paint a positive picture of Nokia's phone business, pointing out that Lumia volume, while small, has been growing, with sales increasing 32% to 7.4 million in the second quarter. Samsung, however, sold nearly 10 times as many smartphones in the first three months of 2013.


搜狐彩票投注The clock is now ticking on Mr. Elop's attempt to catch up。